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Music can be considered one of the strongest ways to communicate with one another on an intimate and personal level. Music created from deep within can transmit pure feeling and universal emotions. Therefore, music is a reminder that we are a part of Nature; it may cause the listener to wake up and see the beauty of the dream called Life.

Fascinated by these phenomena Kaat learned to create, step by step, her own music and capture the melodies coming from within. Together with Fieke van den Hurk they gave shape and form to the birth of the Nordic paganfolk band 'LEAF' back in 2010.

LEAF plays on a variety of historical and medieval folk instruments, such as the Swedish nyckelharpa, Celtic Harp, hammered dulcimer, acoustic guitar and Irish bouzouki, Kraviklyra, overtone flutes, shamanic drums, rattles, Finnish kantele and more.

The combination of warm traditional folkmelodies, ritual and poetic texts, multi layered vocals and powerful shamanistic influences makes LEAF today a well loved, new Paganfolk band of this moment, in which their Nordic musical influence creates a new subgenre with the known Paganfolk scene in Europe.

"From the start it has been our intention to make music that carries the power to reconnect people to history and to each other, while sounding fresh and pure as Nature itself. A leaf is one of the strongest symbols to represent Nature as a whole. The name of the band is a strong and poetic choice and, like the music; a reminder of our origin." - Kati Ran

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