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L.E.A.F. (Lark, Elk And Fable)

Midsummer - June 2010

Music can be considered one of the strongest ways to communicate with one another on an intimate and personal level. Music created from deep within can transmit pure feeling and universal emotions. Therefore, music is a reminder that we are a part of Nature; it may cause the listener to wake up and see the beauty of the dream called 'Life'.

Much enchanted and fascinated by these phenomena, Kaat Geevers started upon a musical journey. Watching and listening closely while working as a guest musician and crew member over the last few years with succesful Paganfolk bands, she learned to create, step by step, her own music and capture the melodies coming from within.

L.E.A.F. originated at the end of 2009, when Kaat was looking for band members that she could connect with and take with her on the musical road she was following. Through the years we have found fine musicians and friends to make L.E.A.F.'s unique folk music with and we are forever grateful to the imput of former bandmember Fieke van den Hurk, who together with Kaat, gave form and life to L.E.A.F. Currently L.E.A.F is: Kaat Geevers on vocals, nyckelharpa and hammered dulcimer, Gwendolyn Snowdon on vocals and harmonium, Chloé Bakker on Celtic harp, Thomas Biesmeijer on guitar and bouzouki, Maryn Sies on percussion and drums and lastly Koen van Egmond on whistles and overtone flutes.

From the start it has been our intention to make music that carries the power to reconnect people to history and to each other, while sounding fresh and pure as Nature itself. A leaf is one of the strongest symbols to represent Nature as a whole. The name of the band is a strong and poetic choice and, like the music; a reminder of our origin.

L.E.A.F., the band, is the next step in a magical mysterious musical journey. By using medieval and modern folk instruments such as Irish bouzouki, celtic harp, the nyckelharpa, framedrum, whistles and overtone flutes and hammered dulcimer, and by singing songs that embody old and magical poetry, we hope to tickle your imagination and take you back home...

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