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NEWS: LEAF announces new full length CD in the making



We are very pleased to announce LEAF official will play two concerts on the coming edition of WAVE GOTIK TREFFEN, which is held on the 22nd- 25th May 2015 in LEIPZIG in GERMANY.

We had a lot of fun in the former 2014 edition when Kati played there with FolkNoir and now we are **stoked** to be back this year with L.E.A.F!

For the 2015 edition we will play with L.E.A.F. our special Nordic Paganfolk set together with artist from Seed Pagan Folk to make it a very special show. This will be the official FIRST appearance of L.E.A.F in Germany, so we hope all of you can come by and enjoy our special 'German debut' concerts with our Nordic Paganfolk Music on Saturday 23rd AND Sunday the 24th of May in Heidnisches Dorf, WGT, Leipzig.

(On Top it will be Katis 'birthday that saturday, so we'll have a extra special music party going and look forward to celebrate the night there with all of our beloved German fans together in the Pagan village of WGT. Wir freuen uns bereits!)

For more information on the festival please go to their site here: WAVE GOTIK TREFFEN

Bis baldigst! Kati | LEAF

SPECIAL CONCERT: 'LEAF ft. SEED Paganfolk' announced to play CASTLEFEST 2015


Yes it is true! We'll be coming back to you on CASTLEFEST 2015(in Lisse, the Netherlands) with a special extended DOUBLE BAND concert of LEAF performed TOGETHER with our friends of Seed Pagan Folk.

For CastleFest we will bring a unique show and blend of LEAF's Nordic paganfolk and SeeD's enchanting and magical tunes from the FaeryRealm.

More news will follow on this special show, but for now we already look forward to the touch of the summer sun on our skin and to play our music on the yearly festival of Light held at Lughnassad on Castlefest.

L.E.A.F.'s new Teaser song TERVEH is out!


Happy New Years! As promised you can now check out our NEW teaser song TERVEH of the upcoming album 'INNRI'

News on our soon to start crowdfunding action will follow, but for now we hope you enjoy our newest song TERVEH....

L.E.A.F. is mixing the SINGLE at LAVA Studio


We are currently in Kopenhangen to mix our upcoming single with Christoffer Juul from the LAVA Studio. Stay tuned for more news about our crowdfunding campaign!

L.E.A.F. on YouTube channel

20.10 14

L.E.A.F. upgraded their very own Leafy YOUTUBE Channel. You can see our new live song 'The Gift' and other live registrations from earlier times HERE.

We will regularly update this channel when more clips come in. We hope you enjoy it.

L.E.A.F. at Keltic Festival Schloss Hohenlimburg


The first announcement of our L.E.A.F concerts in Germany 2015:

We will play at Keltic Festival Schloss Hohenlimburg on Friday 29th of May 2015. This is Irish folk at it's finest; many excellent bands such as the Stramasch, the Kilkenny Knights, the O'Reillys and the Paddyhats, Rapalje, Connemare Stonecompany and many more.. L.E.A.F will bring a special set with traditional Scandinavian tunes and some special Irish songs.

Wir freuen uns bereits auf unserem auftritt in Deutschland beim Keltic Festival Schloss Hohenlimburg. Wir spielen am mainstage 18.00 Uhr. Mehr info findest du auf:'Keltic Festival 2015' Deutschland wir kommen!

Liebe gruesse, L.E.A.F

L.E.A.F. at Gothic and Fantasy Beurs

20.10.14 | LEAF

We are delighted to announce L.E.A.F. will play at the Gothic and Fantasy Beurs in Rijswijk (Holland) on the 14th of March 2015. This is a really nice indoor festival with a gothic market and cool bands, such as Rapalje and many more.. More information can be found on: Gothic and Fantasy Beurs

L.E.A.F. Concert in ARCHEON

15.09.14 | LEAF

We are happy to announce LEAF will play at the Midwinter Fair in Archeon. Archeon is a beautiful historical museumpark in Alphen aan de Rijn, the Netherlands. L.E.A.F will play a concert on both days: Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th december 2014. Fitting to this years Viking theme of the festival we will play a very Nordic orientated set in a intimate, dark setting of the 'Cloister' stage. On top of that we look very much forward to meet up with our befriended colleagues from the Netherlands, Norway and Germany there. See you all there for the last festival of the year to celebrate the return of the light (Yule)

We would much appreciate Gluhwein offerings to the Gods, or to us during our set. It was a lovely tradition last year, lets keep it ;)

warmly, LEAF

L.E.A.F. records CD in ORCHUS STUDIO

05.09.14 | LEAF

LEAF is recording in the studio as we speak! A lot of preparation and dedication went into this proces beforehand and now we are making a full lenght album with Fieke van den Hurk in the ORCHUS Studio. We will release a first SINGLE already within a few weeks, so that all of you can listen to the new sound of LEAF and warm up for the CD.

You can read more on the CD in the current issue (Nr. 9) of the Zillo Medieval and in the upcoming MIROQUE magazine, available in German Kiosks in October.

We look forward to reveal more of our studio work very soon.

Also our CALENDER section is updated and reveals the first show we will play in Germany of which more will follow.

Best wishes, LEAF

L.E.A.F. goes to GERMANY!

03.09.14 | LEAF

L.E.A.F is very pleased to announce our first ever GERMAN festival concerts for May 2015. We will reveal where & when a little bit later, but for now a big dankeschön to our loyal German fans. We will play on several stages in Germany the coming year. We look so much forward to see you there and play for you all!

photo by ''

News from L.E.A.F.

29.08.2014 | LEAF

We have been preparing (mostly in silence) the last years to come to the blissfull start of recording our new full lenght L.E.A.F. album. I am very pleased to share that we are entering Fieke's brand new Orchus Studio as soon as next week, where we will spend our time regularly to record the new full lenght L.E.A.F. CD.

Gathering songs from the North by travel, contacting native people to learn old songs first hand and taking the needed time and inspiration for the writingprocess has taken a lot of us and it still does. Things never feel finished in a way, as the nature of creation is also inherent to change. But we are very pleased with the creations that we will put on the record now.

L.E.A.F has shown to have strong and firm roots to withstand some intense blows of the wind that are now behind us.

Brought down to the core of things and growing from there we are more than ready to share the new music and gathered wisdom and strenght that we collected from the last years.

We are looking forward to new live concerts and the making and release of our new album

As a warm up to our new L.E.A.F sound we can announce that we will release one new song from the upcoming CD already this September

From there on you can expect a lot of nice news coming out in which we will following our recording process. You can follow this via our Facebook & website pages, the Zillo Medieval and Miroque publishings and more channels

Have nice change of the season,

Kati | LEAF

Thank you ELFIA!

22.04.14 | LEAF

L.E.A.F. is looking back with happy smiling faces and a warm glow of the last days at the Elf Fantasy Fair

It was a real pleasure to perform for such an amazing audience. Thank you all for your enthousiasm, your curiousity and supportive cheers and for dancing to our music!

It was also the premiere of our new line up with the beautiful Nilla and Philip on our L.E.A.F stage. Where they stole the hearts of many

(photo by Wim van Wel)

Many thanks goes also to the great and hardworking team of the ELF for all the help and support.

Here is a nice little videoclip made by Harry de Wit, where we played the song 'Under Nymonen' on the Elf Fantasy Fair.

More Live videos of LEAF can now be found at our MUSIC section.

Leafs 'n Greenthings,

Kati, Chloe, Nilla, Philip and Maryn

And our fantastic crew and guests; Lars, Koen, Nikki and Felix.


01.03.2014 | LEAF

It is our pleasure to announce two AMAZING new bandmembers joining us with LEAF : Philip Xander and Nilla Flowerface

Philip Xander is a long time friend of us and a well known DADGAD and folkguitarist in the Paganfolk Scene.

Since Philip performed with LEAF last december and came by on sessions more often, we had fantastic creative days and nights filled with laughter and songs since. It was very clear that Philip fitted perfectly in our LEAF Paganfolk sound and friend group. Philip will bring DADGAD & accoustic guitars aswell as Irish bouzouki, percussion and supportive vocals to LEAF.

It is also our greatest pleasure to announce simultaniously our second bandmember for LEAF: Nilla Flowerface. Nilla walked straight out of the Forest into our home and heart. Clad in skimpy leather - spiral ingraved, self made clothes, a violin in a hand-painted instrument case filled with golden leaves, triskels, sol and lunar and sacred geometry she came to play with us one night and stayed ever since. Her long blonde hair unveiled two piercing faery eyes, matching an even more delicate singing voice and Fae giggling naughty laughters. When playing the violin Nilla makes the wind stirr and trees dance along. We are delighted to present her to you as part of our new line up.

Check out their BIOGRAPHY with their background and LEAFY interviews for more insight in our amazing new bandmembers!

L.E.A.F. returns to the 'Elf Fantasy Fair'

Concert announcement

13.01.14 | LEAF

LEAF is proud to announce we will be playing again at the wonderful Elf Fantasy Fair Haarzuilens open air festival this spring (19, 20, 21 April).

We will play our NEW live set everyday on the MAIN STAGE; together with our dearest musician friends of Trolska Polska from Denmark. We count on it to see you there to celebrate the return of spring with us and to check out our new live set, and for sure as always we have a few surprises on stage ready for you.

More info can be found on this website: ELFIA

Thank you Midwinterfair!

09.12.2013 | Kaat

Wow! what a wonderful and magical weekend we had with LEAF official at the 10e Midwinter Fair Archeon last weekend. What a great location this festival is held at with all the historical wooden houses and bon fires everywhere.. It always makes me feel right a home. We were very happy that so many of you came by to see us play. What a warm welcome you gave us! We start to see more and more familiar faces returning to our show and that is really great to experience. A big thank you to all of you for th� support. We're happy to see you enjoy and dream and dance along with our LEAFy tunes.

We also played for the first time on stage together with the legendary DADGAD guitarist Philip Steenbergen and it felt really great. For sure more LEAF performances with Philip will follow in 2014. And also we had the pleasure to have Daphyd 'the Crow' from OMNIA with us on stage and the well knows harpist Coca Roman. You both rocked on our stage, thanks so much again for joining the Leafy vibes. We had a blast! Also our thanks goes to my very own daughter Evelyn who was our super cool 'merch- babe' for the- first-time -ever and to our close friend Oliver from the German band FAUN who was a big help to us as our ' VIP-roadie' throughout the weekend.

Thanks a lot again!. We wish you very cosy December days & a HAPPY 2014!

Midwinter Fair in Archeon coming up!

Concert announcement

02.12.13 | LEAF

We just had a really great weekend rehearsing with L.E.A.F including a long afterparty and a lazy sunday aftermath and such... and we are all really ready and stoked for the coming Midwinter Fair that starts next weekend.

And.... *surprise, surprise* we made sure you will stay warm enough and have lots of good reasons to run from stage to stage to be able to see all the great folk bands that are coming.

L.E.A.F. will play for the first time together with our friend and 'DADGAD guitar hero' Philip Steenbergen

And also our friends Daphyd Sens (Omnia) and Coca Roman (Kelten Zonder Grenzen) have joined the 'Leafy vibe' and will guest with us at this concert.

So do come and celebrate together with us at the midwinter fair!

L.E.A.F. will play both days from 14:45 untill 15:30 hrs. at the market "tent" stage.

See you all soon,

Warmly yours, L.E.A.F

013 with WARDRUNA and L.E.A.F.

27.10.14 | Kaat

"Our wishes are pre-sentiments, foresights of the abilities that lie within us, harbingers of what we will be able to accomplish.." J.W. Goethe

L.E.A.F is looking back on last Fridays performance at 013 together with WARDRUNA with a glowing happy feeling that lingers through the little moments of presence between our day to day tasks. The world is just a bit more beautiful than before, as we feel we stepped through a very spiritual weekend.

We could not have wished for a better audience! Thank you all so much for your support, your cheers and compliments, your tears, shivers and stories after. We feel honoured that we could offer our musical contribution to the evening and share a little magic of LEAF with you.

A special thanks goes to our friends Einar, Gaahl and everyone of Wardruna for their very warm welcome. Thank you so much for the huge inspiration and for letting us all have taken part on this deep ritual. Mange takk to Einar in particular for sharing Spirit and welcoming me on your stage for the guesting. It was epic!

Kati | LEAF

(Live photo by: Chantal)

L.E.A.F opening for Wardruna in 013

concert anouncement

01.10.2013 | LEAF

L.E.A.F. is honoured to have been asked as support act for WARDRUNA on the 25th of October at Poppodium 013 in Tilburg.

Wardruna will bring their unique Nordic concert-rite to the Netherlands once more and we are both humbled and delighted to warm up the night for you all with LEAF's paganfolk music & spirit.

As a extra surprise for you all we will have our dear Fieke of 'Orchus' joining us once again on stage for this very special event.

We look forward to see you there, as this is surely something not to be missed!

More event information can be found here

There & Back again

�.the adventures during Elf Fantasy Fair Arcen

18.09.2013 | LEAF

L.E.A.F returns home having our hearts filled to the brim with a lot of great memories from last weekend's adventure.

We played both days at the Elf Fantasy Fair (Official Site) in Arcen and we got to spend time with our friends and dear colleagues all around. This was our last open air summer festival and we look back on an epic time filled with joy, laughter and lots of music.

As a extra service from the Elf organisor, we got to spend the night in a really pretty and actually haunted castle, which was build on a foundation from the twelfth century. It is called "Kasteel De Berckt, and there we feasted with our friends in the castle's Inn together with other Elf fantasy Fair artists and writers and Ewok sci-fi movie stars frolicking around �

We even had a surprise walk through the castle's dungeon at midnight on invitation of the Castle Lord. Well, this ment that soon we were all walking through a dark maze underground, occasionally screaming and laughing with old fashioned terror, holding each other tightly because the spooks (the castle's owners son and some other 'gentlemen' we're luring in every corner to scare us. We can highly recommend anyone to have a night at this amazing historical place for a great time and beautiful green surrounding.

Check it out at Castle 'De Berckt' at Wikipedia

We like to thank everyone from the hardworking team of the Elf for their service and the good catering (muffins and ale! yay!)

And also a HUGE 'Thank You' goes to our dear friend Lars of the band 'Seed' who played with LEAF at our show(Lars, you rocked!) and our friends of Substantial Sorrow, Sowulo and Faun, Chantal, the team of 'Bastaard' and the very nice sound engineer Martin who kind of 'saved our show' and did his very best to get us amplified, despite missing the needed technics and of course the Audience!

We were so happy to see so many of you coming to our concert and enjoying it. Thanks to all of you we had a really great time.

Our deepest gratitude goes also to the owner of the medieval music shop from the market, who kindly helped us with lending us one of their excellent drums for our performance, because ours was sadly stolen..

We will now celebrate the autumn harvest moon and dive into a journey inwards again and write new material. See you at one of our next concerts, for example on the nice Midwinter fair in Archeon.

The excellent new photo's in our facebook albums are taken by Guerrilla Photography and Erwin van Dijk. For more great live photo's have a peek here:

Heading for Elf Fantasy Fair Arcen!

12.09.2013 | LEAF

Dear all,

The scedule of the Elf Fantasy Fair on the 14 & 15th of September is ONLINE

Here you can see the playing times of LEAF and of our wonderful colleagues of the bands FAUN and Sowulo Pagan Band that will also perform at the ELF. LEAF will play on both days. Saturday we close the festival at 20.15 hrs and Sunday we play at 13.00 hrs, both times on the FORUM stage.

See you there!


11.09.2013 | Kaat

Last weekend LEAF was having a really great time at OERKNAL in Delft. We had the pleasure of sharing the stage with non other than RASTABAN and Shireen at OERKNAL.

We performed in a lovely old theatre from 1896... Everywhere I looked it was filled with history, the old wood and furniture, the old curtains, the Jugendstil windows and the little lights that flickered high above our heads. It was easy to imagine all the Salon nights of times past and the many artists that had performed in the old theatre. And now we all became part of that story when we played there. Some magic that is... Ending our concert we performed a new Scandinavian ballad for the first time, called 'Vinda' . It is a very poetic song that Maria from euzen wrote when she was a very young girl. When the last notes faded in the air of the old theatre, it became very silent.... and then we all awakened from the dreamy moment and a huge applause came. People loved the new song and the concert. Thank you dear Maria for sharing that song with LEAF so that we can bring it's essence to the people here. And thank all so much for your lovely comments after for our show. It means a lot to us.

Shireen then took the stage. I love Annicke's voice and lyrics, they are so strong and pure. For this concert Sophie (from Cesair) joined them on the cello and it made it even better than before I think.

During changeover we were merrily sipping on some biological wine and dancing to some great DJ set with tribal folk, and then finally RASTABAN took the stage. I really anticipated this concert because I had not seen them for a while, as mostly on the festivals we are always running from place to place and busy, and so the bliss was strong to just enjoy the concert and dance our hearts out. Wow and how they play! What a great band and lovely people! It was a pleasure seeing Luka and Mich again and everyone else for that matter. What a happy night!

But no,... this night was not over for long yet. We also got a great preview of TIMELAMB as they played live the first time. Great music that totally brought me back to my days as a punk-goth-ibm lover. I loved their fresh yet vintage industrial sound and their courage to bring such a new act to stage. More please! And you'd think the night ends there, for sure, as everyone went home, but no.. Somehow a part of LEAF and some pretty redhead gal ended up in a bar with La Chouffe's, then with a walk in a midnight forest and then a big pyama after party. What a night to remember. .. �

We all look forward to more shows and adventures to share, especially the coming weekend at Elf Fantasy Fair (Official Site) where we will play two days in a row... but more about that tomorrow... Thanks again everyone of OERKNAL and the great organization by Thomas, Annicke and Jett and the great sound by Simon and Jan. Gracias & till the next!

Greenthingz, Kaat | LEAF

Live photos made by: Don Bakhuizen


08.09.2013 | Kaat

Dear all,

Wow! What an incredible time we are having with L.E.A.F. these last days of the summer�

End of August we had the pleasure to perform a special acoustic set at the Viking market at Schothorst Museum. During the day the visitors got to know our old instruments in the gorgeous setting of prehistoric roundhouses.

We sang some leafy tunes and ate a great homebrewed 'stew' and during the night we wrapped ourselves with our instruments close around a campfire, surrounded by a large group of Vikings.

There we had the pleasure of feasting with them in the prehistorical park. And this setting was just glorious. There was no way to tell in which time we were present at that moment, as it looked like we just set foot in the long forgotten past. We could have been anywhere in time. Certainly it felt very much like a Viking camp.

Of this night I remember a lot of drinking and singing and talking deep in the night about the journey of heroes and what not. And I remember lots of laughter and happiness and friendly games and other madness. My heart warms when I think of the surprise visit of our dear friends of SOWULO (you should have seen Koen's face when they suddenly appeared! ) and my heart was healed a little bit, without noticing it had a break, by a little girl with big curls who never met me before, but instantly said i was her best friend in the whole world and i should try my very best to always be making music and keep on singing, while she was snuggling in my lap to fall asleep there by the glowing fire. But mostly I remember a few seconds of this magical night where everything simply fell in place. We sang a hymn song for Pan and i looked around at everyone�s faces while singing and saw only beautiful souls with their eyes dreamy, their mouths smiling, their old Viking coats tugged tightly around them to keep the cold of the night out and the fire seemingly burned a pinkish red and magically lit up everyone there. The last notes of the song whirled in a spiral together with the hot air of the flames and you could have dropped a needle there so silent it became a few seconds after. then a lots of sighs, laughter and applause followed. We all had witnessed something that surpassed ourselves; we all had made magic there together simply by being so strongly present in the 'now' with our hearts open, yet to be so timeless.

I'm very grateful we get to experience these moments during our travels with L.E.A.F. that's all we're really aiming for; to feel very much ... Alive.

A special thank you goes to Lars from the paganfolk band 'SEED' who was so great to fill in for our drummer Marijn. You did a great job Lars! thanks a million for your skill, your kindness and for sharing the good times!

This week you'll also hear of our excellent night last friday with Rastaban and Shireen and Timelamb at OERKNAL and our great afterparty ^^ and our upcoming concerts at the Elf Fantasy fair in Arcen this coming weekend... .till the next,

Kaat | LEAF

Dairy | 28.08.2013

"Look at the sunny side of everything.

Think only of the best, work only for

the best, and expect only the best.

Be as enthusiastic about the success

of others as you are about your own.

Forget the mistakes of the past.

Give everyone a smile.

Spend so much time improving yourself,

that you have no time left to criticize others.

Be too big for worry and too noble for anger."

By C. Larssen

The first Autumn sun caressed my skin today, it was a diferent sun than what we had shining all summer, and it was hanging a bit lower and dreamy already in the sky. I felt the seasons preparing to change again.. I love autumn actually the best, with the leaves colouring in dark purple and burgundy and orange and deep yellows and the sun still present.

I love Autumn with the books coming off the shelves again and the tea kettle ringing more often than not. And fittingly for the darker, more rainy season coming up, we are having an indoor club-gig coming up that we named "OERKNAL" where we party hard on the tribal folkmusic of RASTABAN, get enchanted by Shireen and celebrate together our Pagan community and friendship with LEAF official and as closing act we get to meet something great and new�.

We then close off the Summer season with the epic Elf Fantasy Fair in Arcen where we celebrate the last summer festival of the year. Here we share the stages with our friends of the bands FAUN 'Official', Substantial Sorrow, Sowulo and Teetotallers. We're *stoked* for it!

After all that L.E.A.F. dives into the Autumnal colours of change and will prepare a bright 'Metamophosis' for the new year and deep Winter�

Kaat | LEAF