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You can order our EP online, just send an e-mail to Maryn at with your address and have it signed as well!

LEAF opening for Wardruna in 013

concert anouncement

01.10.2013 | LEAF

L.E.A.F. is honoured to have been asked as support act for WARDRUNA on the 25th of October at Poppodium 013 in Tilburg.

Wardruna will bring their unique Nordic concert-rite to the Netherlands once more and we are both humbled and delighted to warm up the night for you all with LEAF's paganfolk music & spirit.

As a extra surprise for you all we will have our dear Fieke of 'Orchus' joining us once again on stage for this very special event.

We look forward to see you there, as this is surely something not to be missed!

More event information can be found here

There & Back again

….the adventures during Elf Fantasy Fair Arcen

18.09.2013 | LEAF

L.E.A.F returned home with our hearts filled to the brim with great memories from last weekend's adventures.

We played both days at the Elf Fantasy Fair (Official Site) in Arcen and we got to spend time with our friends and dear colleagues all around. This was our last open air summer festival and we look back on an epic time filled with joy, laughter and lots of music.

As a extra service from the Elf organisor, we got to spend the night in a really pretty and actually haunted castle, which was build on a foundation from the twelfth century. It is called "Kasteel De Berckt, and there we feasted with our friends in the castle's Inn together with other Elf fantasy Fair artists and writers and Ewok sci-fi movie stars frolicking around …

We even had a surprise walk through the castle's dungeon at midnight on invitation of the Castle Lord. Well, this ment that soon we were all walking through a dark maze underground, occasionally screaming and laughing with old fashioned terror, holding each other tightly because the spooks (the castle's owners son and some other 'gentlemen' we're luring in every corner to scare us. We can highly recommend anyone to have a night at this amazing historical place for a great time and beautiful green surrounding.

Check it out at Castle 'De Berckt' at Wikipedia

We like to thank everyone from the hardworking team of the Elf for their service and the good catering (muffins and ale! yay!)

And also a HUGE 'Thank You' goes to our dear friend Lars of the band 'Seed' who played with LEAF at our show(Lars, you rocked!) and our friends of Substantial Sorrow, Sowulo and Faun, Chantal, the team of 'Bastaard' and the very nice sound engineer Martin who kind of 'saved our show' and did his very best to get us amplified, despite missing the needed technics and of course the Audience!

We were so happy to see so many of you coming to our concert and enjoying it. Thanks to all of you we had a really great time.

And our deepest gratitude goes also to the owner of the medieval music shop from the market, who kindly helped us with lending us one of their excellent drums for our performance, because ours was sadly stolen..

We will now celebrate the autumn harvest moon and dive into a journey inwards again and write new material. See you at one of our next concerts, for example on the nice Midwinter fair in Archeon.

The excellent new photo's in our facebook albums are taken by Guerrilla Photography, Erwin van Dijk.

For more epic live photo's have a peek here:

Heading for Elf Fantasy Fair Arcen!

12.09.2013 | LEAF

Dear all,

The scedule of the Elf Fantasy Fair on the 14 & 15th of September is ONLINE

Here you can see the playing times of LEAF and of our wonderful colleagues of the bands FAUN and Sowulo Pagan Band that will also perform at the ELF. LEAF will play on both days. Saturday we close the festival at 20.15 hrs and Sunday we play at 13.00 hrs, both times on the FORUM stage.

See you there! Leafs!


11.09.2013 | Kaat

Last weekend LEAF was having a really great time at OERKNAL in Delft. We had the pleasure of sharing the stage with non other than RASTABAN and Shireen at OERKNAL.

We performed in a lovely old theatre from 1896... Everywhere I looked it was filled with history, the old wood and furniture, the old curtains, the Jugendstil windows and the little lights that flickered high above our heads. It was easy to imagine all the Salon nights of times past and the many artists that had performed in the old theatre. And now we all became part of that story when we played there. Some magic that is... Ending our concert we performed a new Scandinavian ballad for the first time, called 'Vinda' . It is a very poetic song that Maria from euzen wrote when she was a very young girl. When the last notes faded in the air of the old theatre, it became very silent.... and then we all awakened from the dreamy moment and a huge applause came. People loved the new song and the concert. Thank you dear Maria for sharing that song with LEAF so that we can bring it's essence to the people here. And thank all so much for your lovely comments after for our show. It means a lot to us.

Shireen then took the stage. I love Annicke's voice and lyrics, they are so strong and pure. For this concert Sophie (from Cesair) joined them on the cello and it made it even better than before I think.

During changeover we were merrily sipping on some biological wine and dancing to some great DJ set with tribal folk, and then finally RASTABAN took the stage. I really anticipated this concert because I had not seen them for a while, as mostly on the festivals we are always running from place to place and busy, and so the bliss was strong to just enjoy the concert and dance our hearts out. Wow and how they play! What a great band and lovely people! It was a pleasure seeing Luka and Mich again and everyone else for that matter. What a happy night!

And no,... this night was not over long yet. We also got a great preview of Timelamb as they played live the first time. Great music that totally brought me back to my days as a punk-goth-ibm lover. I loved their fresh yet vintage industrial sound and their courage to bring such a new act to stage. More please! And you'd think the night ends there, for sure, as everyone went home, but no.. Somehow a part of LEAF and some pretty redhead gal ended up in a bar with La Chouffe's, then with a walk in a midnight forest and then a big pyama after party. What a night to remember. .. …

We all look forward to more shows and adventures to share, especially the coming weekend at Elf Fantasy Fair (Official Site) where we will play two days in a row... but more about that tomorrow... Thanks again everyone of OERKNAL and the great organization by Thomas, Annicke and Jett and the great sound by Simon and Jan. Gracias & till the next!

Greenthingzz, X Kaat | LEAF

Live photos made by: Don Bakhuizen


08.09.2013 | Kaat

Dear all,

Wow! What an incredible time we are having with L.E.A.F. these last days of the summer…

End of August we had the pleasure to perform a special acoustic set at the Viking market at Schothorst Museum. During the day the visitors got to know our old instruments in the gorgeous setting of prehistoric roundhouses.

We sang some leafy tunes and ate a great homebrewed 'stew' and during the night we wrapped ourselves with our instruments close around a campfire, surrounded by a large group of Vikings.

There we had the pleasure of feasting with them in the prehistorical park. And this setting was just glorious. There was no way to tell in which time we were present at that moment, as it looked like we just set foot in the long forgotten past. We could have been anywhere in time. Certainly it felt very much like a Viking camp.

Of this night I remember a lot of drinking and singing and talking deep in the night about the journey of heroes and what not. And I remember lots of laughter and happiness and friendly games and other madness. My heart warms when I think of the surprise visit of our dear friends of SOWULO (you should have seen Koen's face when they suddenly appeared! ) and my heart was healed a little bit, without noticing it had a break, by a little girl with big curls who never met me before, but instantly said i was her best friend in the whole world and i should try my very best to always be making music and keep on singing, while she was snuggling in my lap to fall asleep there by the glowing fire. But mostly I remember a few seconds of this magical night where everything simply fell in place. We sang a hymn song for Pan and i looked around at everyone’s faces while singing and saw only beautiful souls with their eyes dreamy, their mouths smiling, their old Viking coats tugged tightly around them to keep the cold of the night out and the fire seemingly burned a pinkish red and magically lit up everyone there. The last notes of the song whirled in a spiral together with the hot air of the flames and you could have dropped a needle there so silent it became a few seconds after. then a lots of sighs, laughter and applause followed. We all had witnessed something that surpassed ourselves; we all had made magic there together simply by being so strongly present in the 'now' with our hearts open, yet to be so timeless.

I'm very grateful we get to experience these moments during our travels with L.E.A.F. that's all we're really aiming for; to feel very much ... Alive.

A special thank you goes to Lars from the paganfolk band 'SEED' who was so great to fill in for our drummer Marijn. You did a great job Lars! thanks a million for your skill, your kindness and for sharing the good times!

This week you'll also hear of our excellent night last friday with Rastaban and Shireen and Timelamb at OERKNAL and our great afterparty ^^ and our upcoming concerts at the Elf Fantasy fair in Arcen this coming weekend... .till the next,

Kaat | LEAF

Dairy | 28.08.2013

"Look at the sunny side of everything.

Think only of the best, work only for

the best, and expect only the best.

Be as enthusiastic about the success

of others as you are about your own.

Forget the mistakes of the past.

Give everyone a smile.

Spend so much time improving yourself,

that you have no time left to criticize others.

Be too big for worry and too noble for anger."

By C. Larssen

The first Autumn sun caressed my skin today, it was a diferent sun than what we had shining all summer, and it was hanging a bit lower and dreamy already in the sky. I felt the seasons preparing to change again.. I love autumn actually the best, with the leaves colouring in dark purple and burgundy and orange and deep yellows and the sun still present.

I love Autumn with the books coming off the shelves again and the tea kettle ringing more often than not. And fittingly for the darker, more rainy season coming up, we are having an indoor club-gig coming up that we named "OERKNAL" where we party hard on the tribal folkmusic of RASTABAN, get enchanted by Shireen and celebrate together our Pagan community and friendship with LEAF official and as closing act we get to meet something great and new….

We then close off the Summer season with the epic Elf Fantasy Fair in Arcen where we celebrate the last summer festival of the year. Here we share the stages with our friends of the bands FAUN 'Official', Substantial Sorrow, Sowulo and Teetotallers. We're *stoked* for it!

After all that L.E.A.F. dives into the Autumnal colours of change and will prepare a bright 'Metamophosis' for the new year and deep Winter…

Kaat | LEAF

NEWS | 16.07.2013

What a great summer we are having so far!

We are very happy to announce more concert dates for L.E.A.F.

For a special historical VIKING event on Saturday 24th of August we will play in the historical open air Museum Schothorst in Amersfoort, Netherlands.

This will be a special acoustic concert in Nordic style, so if you want to celebrate the summer and feast like a viking with us, then come join us here.

And to all of you who are already dreading the end of the festival season...there is GOOD NEWS!

The party continues at the end of Summer, on saturday the 6th of September, when RASTABAN, Shireen and ourselves hit the stage in the Flora Theater in Delft!

We'll be celebrating our heritage with a BANG!

More info will be posted at OERKNAL's official event page HERE

Also we can happily announce that we will play BOTH DAYS at the wonderful and magical ELF FANTASY FAIR in ARCEN on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th september 2013.

More information on ELF Arcen 2013 you can find HERE

Wishing you a magical summer and we look forward to see you at our concerts!

Kaat & the rest of L.E.A.F.

NEWS | 15.05.2013

What a great concert we had last March at the Gothic & Fantasy Beurs!

It feels like it's been ages ago! Looking back, it was such a nice surprise to see so many had come there to watch our show again. We had a really good time with this concert as the start of our new live formation. Thanks a lot for all your enthusiasm!

In the meantime, L.E.A.F has been busy with booking more and more special events and concerts for you throughout this year, so we can share more precious stagemoments together with you, the audience.

For us these little moments, where we perform in such a fragile timebubble on stage, mean that we get to share more of our 'natural state' with the outside world. We open up to our inner dreams and 'living myths' inside of us and come back to a feeling of being at home.

Someone I admire once wrote; "Our natural state is Peace. Our natural state is Love. Home is where we are all one. We're all just trying to get back home..." That is exactly why we make music the way we do with L.E.A.F. We like to invite you to come by to one of our concerts and share that with us.

The first one coming up is our special Sunday afternoon FOLK MATINEE, with L.E.A.F, Shireen and Sowulo.

This will be held at the Regentenkamer in Den Hague, on the 26th of May. It will be a special, cosy afternoon and we look forward to play together with such great, upcoming folkbands who all make music in the same acoustic Paganfolk tradition.

If you like to come by that Sunday Afternoon, please note that there is a limited number of tickets available, so please reserve a ticket beforehand at the Regentenkamer.

More special L.E.A.F. concerts will be announced soon!

Also as a little May surprise we like to show you our latest pressphoto, titled 'water'. It was taken by Eline Spek, earlier this year, at a beautiful lake in the area where I live.

I sometimes go there to sit by the edges of the water, watching the warm colours of a sundown reflected in the water of the lake, imagining the water to be so smooth and soft to swim through.. This time, the lake welcomed us with her ice cold grip on our feet and it was hilarious to go into it for a snapshot.

For your pleasure you can actually watch us trying to do this on a little youtube clip of this moment here.

We all LOVE this photo! Even more because of the effort it took to make it. And we hope you do too. Thanks a lot again to Eline Spek for making it!


Kaat & the rest of L.E.A.F.

The year of the snake...

04.03.2013 | L.E.A.F.

We must be willing to get rid of

the life we've planned,

as to have the life that is waiting for us.

old skin has to be shed,

so the new one can come."

- Joseph Campbell

These days, we would like nothing more than for spring to finally show her face fully and for the sun to caress our skin again... But the snowflakes keep falling and the wind still blows eerie cold our way. brrr...

All we can do is sit the very last winter days out and make ourselves comfortable at our warm homes, lighting candles and burning incense, and making music whenever we can...

Today, finally, it seemed the faeries have woken up from their winter sleep with our merry L.E.A.F. tunes. The first spring flowers came up from the cold ground in the garden and the sun revealed her face. At last!

L.E.A.F spent this last winter building on our new live set, which we are happy to present to you at our upcoming spring concerts.

The first concert of the year, at which we kickstart the new live set as well as the band’s new line-up, will be held at the Gothic and Fantasy Fair in Rijswijk, on the 16th of March.

Our playing time will be from 12.30 to 13.15 hrs, so some of you might have to get up early to hear our pagan folk sound on stage once again...

Nonetheless, we dearly hope to see you all there and celebrate the transition from winter to spring. We are looking forward to it!

Don’t you guys make us too nervous for this first set, though... We can feel the stage adrenaline coming up already! Ugh... ;)


26.9.2012 | Kaat

Dear all,

Summer has come and gone quickly and pleasantly, and Nature is calmly making ready for Fall, as Her first bright Autumn colours begin to appear. Last week, we sought self-reflection and relaxation, walking through forests and grassy fields, strewn with deep purple heather.

We are set to step into the darkening days that follow Mabon, to make things cosy at home and play some tunes indoors.

During these last few summer days, we have enjoyed visiting several medieval folk festivals, such as the MPS and the blessed Festival Mediéval, and met up with many befriended musicians. It has been inspiring to hear the beautiful live music of our Danish, Dutch and German folk friends, as though it were for the first time all over.

Our band members have been playing in and performing with various musical projects, and we had fun!

L.E.A.F. has been rehearsing with a few new musicians, which we feel is working great; we felt a wonderful natural vibe together, that nurtured numerous ideas for new material NOW in the making...

We are currently preparing for new live shows – more news on this will follow soon!

We want to thank everyone for the amazing response that we recieved to our first L.E.A.F. CD, which came out this summer. Press comments have been overwhelmingly positive; nothing is more motivating than such a blissful debut! We found a place in the hearts of listeners in Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Bulgaria, France, Denmark and even across the ocean, in the USA and Brazil. A big Thank you to all!

For your convenience, you can now order the CD’s directly with us; simply drop an e-mail at: and we will arrange a way to get your L.E.A.F. CD shipped to your home… to the North Pole or beyond, if need be! A few of the press comments below, which make us blush:


“Ihre Stimme und ihr Können an der Nyckelharpa sind es nun, die der vor kurzem gegründeten Formation of L.E.A.F einen nachdrücklichen Stempel verleihen. [...] Die Songs der ersten schlicht ‘L.E.A.F’ betitelten EP überzeugen neben ihrem beindruckenden Detailreichem durch tiefe emotionalitat, ein echtes Highlight fur die Freunde feiner Folk-Klange "

“Zerbrechlich, verzaubernd, Sehnsüchtig und gänzlich dieser Welt entrückt. Vielfaltig instrumentiert und von Katz lieblicher stimme maßgeblich geprägt, sind die detailverliebten Kompositionen im Pagan Folk beheimatet. Mit den titlen ‘Unter Nymånen’ und ‘Wind and Tree’ gelingt der jungen Holländischen Formation ein echter Geniestreich der sofort Lust auf mehr macht.”

MIROQUE Magazine:

“Mit ihrem zauberhaften Pagan Folk gelingt es der Bandgrunderin Kaat Geevers und ihren Mitstreitern, einen perfekten Gegenentwurf zur Hektik der Moderne aufzubauen. L.E.A.F darf wirklich stolz auf das erreichten sein. Die Lieder sind zauberhaft, sehnsüchtige Paganfolk perlen. ‘Unter Nymånen’ und ‘Wind and Tree’ sind echte Geniestreiche und machen augenblicklich Lust auf mehr. Die detailverliebte, verspielte Musik weckt unwillkürlich eigene Emotionen und Sehnsüchte.” 5 von 5 punkte


"L.E.A.F uberraschen mit grazilem un feinfuhligem Folk aus den weiten den Paganistischen bewegung. "Under Nymånen" vermag mit nur wenige tonen unter die haut zu gehen und sich dort mit seinen zarten Schwingungen bis ins herz auszubreiten."

LAVA STUDIO (producer Christopher Juul & Maria of Euzen, Valravn) :

"Your cd is really lovely. Big congratulations: well played and nicely produced! Thank you so much for making this."

UN-ART Magazine:

"Die Musiker transportieren mit Hilfe ihrer Stimmen, Instrumente und ihrem Können verschiedene Bilder und Stimmungen und das gelingt ihnen wirklich sehr gut. Wie bereits erwähnt, lässt sich ein gewisser Einfluss von Faun nicht leugnen, aber auch das steht L.E.A.F. gut zu Gesicht. Freunde des Paganfolk sollten L.E.A.F. unbedingt im Auge behalten, aber auch allen anderen sei dieses Album ans Herz gelegt, wenn sie mal entspannen möchten und dafür noch die passende musikalische Begleitung suchen."

Steve & Jenny of OMNIA:

"Wow, this cd is really very nice! we play LEAF at home sometimes to relax." (they only listen to real good music, such as Xavier Rudd and such, so that's cool ^^)


’’......Einstweilen lasst Euch hier nochmals mit Nachdruck die LEAF EP ans Herz legen. Und das Herz ist dafür auch wirklich die richtige Adresse, denn daß die Holländer viel Herzblut in ihre Musik legen ist in jedem Moment spürbar – selten hat mich ein Debut schon beim ersten Hören so in seinen Bann gezogen und zum träumen gebracht. Nicht zuletzt verantwortlich dafür ist mit Sicherheit die wunderschöne Stimme von Kaat Geevers.“

“Finest folk”, l’expression est bien choisie : un son superbe, des musiciens sensibles et talentueux, des instruments qui me font chavirer (harpe, hammered dulcimer, nyckelharpa…), sans compter le charme de la voix de Kaat ! Tout cela apporte un vent de fraîcheur sur les morceaux traditionnels, et une empreinte, un vrai son “Leaf”. Claire des Bruyeres.

Thank you all for the great response and a Happy Mabon!
Kaat & everyone of L.E.A.F.


20.7.2012 | L.E.A.F.

L.E.A.F.'s debut CD entitled "LEAF" is out!

We are delighted to share our magical music with you, in the form of a beautiful digipack that features exclusive graphic design by Fieke of Orchus & line artwork by Maryn. In the package you'll find a booklet with our personal stories about the songs, exclusive photos and artwork, lyrics, as well as, of course, a disc that holds our high-quality, cherished and pure folk music!

The CD will be available at our merchandise booth at our concerts, and you'll be able to order it at your local CD store. Moreover, you'll find our brand new baby at the CD stalls of Miroque. You can find their CD booths at the many medieval and fantasy markets and festivals throughout Holland and Germany. Next, those of you who cannot wait any longer can visit Miroque's online store to order your copy of "LEAF"! If you live outside of Holland or Germany, you can also order L.E.A.F.'s CD at

During the upcoming epic edition of Castlefest in Holland on 2-5 August, you will be able to purchase the CD at Stellamara's merchandise stand (right next to FAUN's boot near the main stage), or at the merchandise stand of Kelten zonder Grenzen and Cesair. We hope to see you there, and celebrate this joyous event together!

Lots of Love,

7 May

7.5.2012 | Fieke

7 May is the date we finished our EP; nearly 30 minutes of music that holds everything we have to give. It took a long period of hard work, rehearsals, song writing, tweaking, re-arranging, recording, editing, re-recording, more editing, mixing, some more tweaking, adding another layer, and another, and.. finally... mastering the tracks. It surely has been a long wait for all of you, but I hope the music (and the quality we achieved by taking so long to publish it) makes up for it.

This date also marks a big step for us, for we have been given the opportunity to print our EP in hard copy edition! Because we want to encourage you to acquire this much more "L.E.A.F.-like" product (compared to the digital download), this EP will come with a special track that is NOT included in the BandCamp download! The track is called 'Bundet', and you can listen to a short sample of it on our website. Also, in light of this opportunity, digital download purchase has been closed for now. We are awaiting some last arrangements, before the whole printing-process can begin.

So this extends the wait again a little longer for some of you, but the result will be a beautiful album - to the ears, but to the eyes as well, for it will feature unique artwork by Fieke and several handmade drawings by our percussionist Maryn.

We will keep you updated!

Finest wishes,

Wheel of change

24.4.2012 | LEAF

Dear all,

We've got some interesting news to share with you about the progress we've made the last couple of months. First of all, we are glad to announce that our very first mini-CD is finished and that this baby will be released on the 7th of May, 2012. The CD, produced by Fieke and Kaat, will contain six original LEAF songs. Recorded, edited and mixed by Fieke at the Orchus Studio. It features a renewed version of our beloved song Under Nymånen; you can listen to it now, on our music page, along with snippets of all the other songs featured on the CD.

We are so excited to finally be able to share our music with all of you! On May 7 we will let you know all about where and how to get hold of it!

As the band progresses, we found out that some changes needed to be made. Therefore, we also announce the exit of Fieke and Sophie as members of LEAF. As time is a valuable thing, Fieke found herself having too little of it to be fully able to focus on LEAF. She will be concentrating on graduating, and her many other musical and creative projects. Luckily for us, she will still be working with us on the background, helping us out with future artwork and recordings.

You will still be able see Fieke perform in the band Kelten zonder Grenzen, and, together with Sophie and Thomas, in Cesair. We are forever grateful for the wonderful musical journey that we shared with Fieke and Sophie.

While the wheel of change is ever turning, we can whisper already that we have some exciting plans lying ahead of us! For now, they remain clouded in mystery, but we hope to share them with you soon...

We hope that you will enjoy our very first CD and we hope to see you around on the festivals this summer!

Below this message, Fieke has some personal words to share with you.
Thanks again, Fieke and Sophie, for everything. We love you and wish you all the best!

Kaat, Chloe, Thomas & Maryn | LEAF

These lines are actually more difficult to write than I imagined. But I feel it is important to let you know what drove me to the choice to leave LEAF. I'm still a student (Music Technology), and a very ambitious one. What this means in practice, is that my life changes rapidly each year. With my inexhaustible lust for knowledge and experience, and my interest in, well, almost anything, I keep finding myself involved in many many projects. At this point in my life (while trying to focus on my graduation) I have to make a couple of tough choices, regarding the direction of my career as a professional music engineer and producer.

Looking back at the wonderful time I had being part of LEAF from the early beginning, I can only say that I'm proud. At us, at you, my beloved (former) band members. At the journey of development we went through together, the beautiful music we made. I've seen and hear both musicians and songs grow during rehearsal sessions, studio sessions and on stage. I've learned such an incredible amount of valuable unforgettable lessons. Everything was worth it, and there is nothing I regret!

It will be difficult for me to distance myself from LEAF, since I've put so much time, work and effort in it, and I really do feel connected. But I'm glad they are not quite done with me yet and I look forward to future collaborations in the studio.

To conclude, I want to wish LEAF all the best of luck in the future, and thank the band members and the fans for an unforgettable time!


Interview & recordings

6.2.2012 | Fieke

Last two weeks I've been completely immersed in finishing the Leaf EP, and I must say the result even beats my own expectations! After a short break to save myself from becoming sonically exhausted, the process of editing and mixing continues. Even 'Fjarilar' and 'Under Nymånen' have been partially re-recorded and are being properly remixed.

Now for something totally different which deserves being mentioned as well (especially for those not on facebook): we've been interviewed by RockPortaal (rock?!?) and if you can read Dutch or if you've got some skill with Google Translate, click here to read what we had to say.

Enjoy the white world,


1.11.2011 | Kaat

On this beautiful date of the year, 1.11.11, we are pleased to announce that we have a new bandmember in LEAF! Violinist Sophie Zaaijer (Cesair), who was our super cool and stage rocking guestmusician during SummerDarkness last summer, has joined our band as a fix bandmember. We are ofcourse very excited about this. Sophie adds amazing and beautiful fiddle playing to our music (she plays cello and viola as well).

Next to this, you can watch two new live videos on YouTube, with Sieben as our guest during the Castlefest 2011. These were filmed by the audience. by Vuurelf
by Decla

Also, on this very same day the website, a new musical project by Kaat Geevers and Oliver S. Tyr. Follow the news and listen to the first music snippets.

Blessed autumn leaf greetings,
Kaat | LEAF

Autumn Equinox

21.09.2011 | Kaat

We are now celebrating the festival of Mabon, the second harvest of the year, and these days are considered a time for contemplation and reflection. In my garden at home, we are collecting baskets of grapes, pears, and herbs, and with Bacchus as our house guest, we feel nature's untamed energy pouring through us. It is a fun time, but it is also the moment to look back on the past summer, and to be grateful for our successes and experiences.

We are pleased to look back on a wonderful summer with LEAF. We have had the honour to perform at the annual Summer Darkness festival in the centre of Utrecht, and we played a fantastic concert at Castlefest, together with Matt Howden of Sieben - Thank you again, Matt, for the great times! To all the people who came to this early-morning breakfast concert: you were such a sweet audience! We were surprised to see how many of you showed up and enjoyed your enthusiasm and kind reactions. Thanks!

Oliver (of Faun) and I have started a new band called "FolkNoir" together. This October, we will be in the studio, recording, and a release is to be expected shortly after. For any news on the band, the upcoming website release and, of course, the CD, you can check out FolkNoir's facebook page. In the last few months, many of LEAF's other band members have also been engaged with a number of other musical projects.

In June, Fieke joined the band Kelten zonder Grenzen. Together with Thomas, Fieke has been working on their awesome folk project Cesair. Their music incorporates elements of traditional music from all over Europe and the Orient. Next, amongst her many other projects, Fieke designed the latest Faun CD, entitled 'EDEN' (including the 70-page booklet!), as well as Omnia's en Shantalla's new albums. We are all very proud to see how her creativity and talent is appreciated by so many people, and we look forward to seeing and hearing more of her. Please find out more about her endeavours via

Maryn has recently joined Thomas's band Shireen, and they are working hard, writing new songs and rewriting old material. We are all deeply impressed by this band's unique, spiritual atmosphere and sound, and are eager to hear more of them soon.

Our sweet Chloé, finally, has been on the road almost constantly, touring through Holland and Germany as Omnia's merch-babe. Besides, she has been following some amazing harp courses in Ireland and we just love her new harp songs!

With that, we can look back on an incredible summer, full of creative surprises, in which we have seen many new adventures take root. You can expect to hear from us soon with news on our 2012 concerts and the release of LEAF's EP.

As Mabon will be fading into the afterworld soon, we ourselves will now be saying goodbye to the summer, to welcome the fall and winter... gathering early autumn leaves, rocks and feathers, and remembering lost melodies on our journey home.

Much love,
Kaat | LEAF